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Rekey Locks

Did a tenant move out? Is your house key lost? Did you just dismiss a worker but he didn’t return his key? In all such cases what you need is a locksmith to rekey locks in Stouffville homes or businesses. Call us. We are the local company you can depend on to make quick arrangements for such services. Get in touch with us whether to set up rekeying or keying services. In either case, Locksmith Stouffville is the ideal choice. Rekey Locks Stouffville

Call us! We’ll arrange lock rekey at once

A member of our staff will help you right away should you need lock rekey in Stouffville, Ontario. This is an inexpensive service that will protect your property from unwanted visitors. When is it important to rekey locks? Every time a key potentially becomes a threat. And that’s because it is found in the hands of people who shouldn’t have access to your property. So you need to get in touch with us for rekeying services when the key is lost or in the possession of a stranger.

The locksmiths have the skills to rekey locks with accuracy

Rekeying locks involves changing the pins of the cylinder. This will enable the lock to operate with a new key. So the service includes key change. The locksmith comes prepared to replace the cylinder lock pins and prepare a new key that will only work with the rekeyed lock.

Each and every local locksmith we work with is experienced with such services and equipped with all sorts of key replacement types and tools. So they can change the key and the pins of the lock to ensure security and avoidance of intrusions.

Get in touch with us for master key system installation

Keying services include having a system that will enable certain people to have access to multiple or all areas of a building while enabling some other people to only have access to specific rooms. This is the so-called master key system and can be designed to be complex or simple based on your needs. You can contact our company to handle such projects to your full satisfaction.

Always feel free to contact our locksmith for such services or questions before you set up an appointment to rekey locks in Stouffville.

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